It's time to share your story with the world. For many of you, coming home to your dog is a feeling you never get tired of. Your pup might have opened up a place in your heart that you didn't know existed before.

Some of you pup owners have created dog accounts with hopes of gaining partnerships, discounted products, building a community or to promote companies that have values that you believe in - another extension of your family! Some of you simply enjoy posting pictures of your furry one and just want to share your dog with the world.

Capturing real life moments of dogs with our products and seeing how much they truly enjoy them, matters to us. We have decided to create a modeling promotion package for a limited time, to collect and share photos of your pups enjoying our products. We want you and your dog to be confident with our toys & treats that you are promoting.


The opportunity to be featured.  

Becoming a model gives you the opportunity to be featured and tagged on our Instagram feed, story, or our website. Your photo will be seen thousands of people per day. Once you have sent your pictures, please allow up to 7 business days for your pup to be featured.

Lifetime perks and discounts.

As a member of our family you will have exclusive-access to our best selling products that are heavily discounted only for models. You will be also be given an unique discount code that only YOU can use. This code applies to all items including those on sale. Only models are allowed to use it, please do not advertise it publicly or you will lose this offer.

Step-By-Step Process

1. Once you click "Start Now" below, you will be sent to our model products page where you can select 2 products or more from our best-sellers.

2. Once you have placed your order, your bonuses will be automatically sent to you along with your personalized discount code.

3. After you receive your package, make sure to take 3-5 photos of your pup with our products. Email them to us

4. Wait up to 7 business days and your pup will be featured for thousands of people to see!

5. Click "Start Now" to begin your modeling journey!


In addition to the benefits you receive as a model, you also get everything below included at No Extra Cost.

Bonus #1

Instagram Hacks ($87)

We will share with you all the secret tools you will need to grow your dog page! Using the tools we provide will help you create better content, push your organic reach further, and raise your engagement (likes, follows, comments) on your Instagram page. For those interested in knowing if some accounts on Instagram are real or fake.. make sure to check out the last tool we provide you with.

Bonus #2

P.O.P Group ($64)

You will get access to the exclusive Parents of Pups group. These groups are designed for people to participate in and share the stories of your pup with other models. This will also help increase your engagement rate and help you grow more quickly on Instagram. (Models Only)

Bonus #3

Affiliate Program ($ Unlimited)

You will get a code and link that you can share. Every time your code or link generates a sale, you will be paid 15% commission which you can track in real time on your personal dashboard. Your followers will receive 15% off their order when they use your code or your link. Commission payments are sent out monthly. 

"Hunter absolutely loved his package but for me, the value was in the Instagram hacks. They really put in the effort to help me succeed with small and useful tips that helped me grow my account."


 "The customer experience was extremely easy and they do a good job of giving you a great selection of products. I was able to mix and match tootsies favorites of the past and some new goodies too. Thank you AFC" 


" I've seen many companies try to do this but I committed to AFC because their customer experience was unmatched. It was super easy to sign-up and the website was organized and clean so picking and choosing didn't feel like a hassle " 



How long will it take to receive my package?

We made sure to seek the best shipping service to make sure our products are delivered to you usually within 2-5 business days.

Why do I need to order a bundle to become a model?

It is important to us that you love our products so much you want to share our brand. We want you to know the quality of our items so that you can promote our brand to others with full confidence.

Is there a satisfaction guarantee?

We offer a satisfaction guarantee that lasts for 30 days. We believe so much in our products and the quality behind them that we can offer this. All you have to do is contact support and let us know you are not satisfied and will make it right.

Is there an amount of pictures I need to send?

We recommend that you send between 3-5 photos of your pup with your bundle. You can be as creative as you like! We will pick one of the photos and share it to our platform for our whole community to see.

Is there a contract I need to sign?

No! Modeling for us is not a long-term commitment, once you have sent your media to our email address, there are no further steps. Your pup will be featured 7 days after you have sent your pictures.

Does my dog need to be a certain breed or age?

There is beauty within diversification which is why we look for models that come in all shapes and sizes as you can see on our Instagram page.